Starboard Watch


Mar 1, 2018
Due to the weather conditions both the Beavers and Scout sessions have been cancelled
Jan 24, 2018
Green Cross Code has moved from 1st Feb to 15th March
Jan 4, 2018
The Beaver's Diary Dates have been updated with the latest Jan-May 2018 programme info.
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Beavers Who's Who & Contact


The general contact for the Beaver section is via Kiwi, who's contact number is given below. Please use this for general enquiries in preference to any others you may find on this site.

Please leave any messages on Kiwi's number if you are unable to attend any session(s) 01803 843357

 Our Beaver Scout Leaders and helpers are detailed below:

6th Torbay name tape


Beaver Scout Leader (BSL) - KIWI- Helen Wild
01803 843357


Monday 17:55 to 19:15 hrs

Thursday 17:40 to 19:00 hrs

ABSL - OWL - Natalie Chadwick

ABSL - BADGER - Jon Reed

ABSL - SHARK - Neil Tozer

ABSL - CHILL - Dave Woodmore

ABSL - CLOWNFISH - Andy Shimmin

SA - ROO - Sarah Richards

SA - JACKAL - Lily Barlow