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Sep 21, 2019
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Cub Camps 1999

Cub Camps








14th – 21st AUGUST


Huish Woods campsite was chosen for the 1999 camp due to its locality, facilities, and an excellent choice of activities. Enabling us to maintain a high degree of on site activities and thus keeping the cost down, with the hope of attracting more Cubs for the camp.

Camp report

The advanced party packed the van and travelled up to the campsite on Friday, through heavy traffic, arriving late afternoon, to find that we had been assigned pitch C in the Beacon field, and that we were to be the only group in this 8 acre field. By late evening the mess, leaders, and one patrol tent were up. We had our tea and sat around a roaring fire toasting marshmallows.


We rose on Saturday to a bright morning, and continued to prepare the site for the imminent arrival of our Cubs. Chil and his Scout son left early morning so that they could watch that day’s Torquay game. The Cubs started to arrive at midday, and continued to arrive through the afternoon, most being severely delayed in the returning Eclipse traffic. The remainder of the day was spent completing the campsite,


and putting the Cubs into their correct sixes for the week. Each six was given a name, Qui Gon Jin, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Queen Amadala. The Cubs got settled in, laid their beds out ready for the night, had their hot chocolate and went to bed. They finally got to sleep at 2am or 3am.






The Cubs rose at 4:45am on Sunday morning, the leaders at a much more respectable time of 7am, the morning was bright and sunny. Breakfast was the traditional full fried breakfast. The Cubs were informed of the duties that each six was expected to perform during the week, and of the safety requirements of the site. The first activity of the day was to ensure all the Cubs had a good wash. This was a new experience to most as it had to be performed in the field, as no running hot water was available on site. Each Cub stripped to the waist and had a wash, the girls were provided with a separate tent for this. The morning’s activity was a full kit inspection as usual this took hours. During the morning a Cubs mum and additional Scout arrived to aid the leader team. During the afternoon we all, yes including the leaders and mums, had a go on an aerial runway. The evening was spent playing a wide game. Going to bed at 11pm, and finally to sleep at 1am.

Monday morning saw a much more respectable rising time for the Cubs. During the morning some of the Cubs learnt how to whip the end of ropes, lashings, and knots. While the others did an orienteering course. During the afternoon the cubs were split into two groups to take part in both shooting and playing in the play area. Both activities proved to be a great success. The play area being especially successful as during this the first of the week’s thunder storms, with torrential rain, and a good lightening show occurred. During early evening the cubs built some catapults, which we then used for a competition. Again the evening was finished off with a wide game, this game unfortunately finished early with a small accident resulting in a hospital trip, thankfully all was OK with no breaks this year. Finally got to bed around 1am.

Tuesday awoke to more rain and thunder. This morning saw the arrival of an additional leader and another mum. During the morning we saw the Cubs attempt a near on impossible cycle cross coarse, even if the bikes were up to the task. This was abandoned and a smaller coarse attempted with some success and laughs as two of the bikes had no brakes at all. The afternoon was lost to rain and thunder so a quiz was attempted, and a scavenge hunt started. The weather cleared in the evening to allow us to go climbing, on an excellent wall, all had a go including Bagheera.

Wednesday awoke to more rain. Two leaders left site to collect the mini bus we were to use for the next two days, while the remainder and Cubs prepared to go to Wookey Hole. We all arrived at the caves at midday, after Phao’s group had an interesting detour through Cheddar Gorge. The guided tour through the caves was excellent, made better by a good guide making it fun for the Cubs. We then visited the paper mill and some cubs had a go at making paper. Lunch outside between the downpours was a welcome break from the heat of the paper mill. We then returned to the Penny arcade, where the Cubs enjoyed several hours of fun on the old arcade machines. Before we returned to site Bagheera left us returning home to work. This time Akela and the mini bus took a scenic route. On returning to site we immediately started two hours of archery, enjoyed by everyone. A late dinner, and quick games, saw most of the Cubs asking to go to bed at 9:30pm.

Thursday, yippee no rain, a nice sunny morning. We prepared our selves for a walk on the Quantock hills, and then a swim at Sedgemoor splash. The hike on the Quantocks was excellent with views to Wales, Exmoor, and Dartmoor. Unfortunately the Cubs walked very slow. We returned to the bus after 3 hours, only covering 3 1/2 miles. Arriving dirty and muddy at the pool we entered dirty and left clean. The scum on the pool after our swim was very visible. Supper that night was Fish and Chips enjoyed by all. The Cubs were in bed by 10pm and a sleep by 11pm.

Friday arrived again with good weather. During the morning we had our site inspection for which we were highly praised, and awarded a certificate of excellence from the site Manager. The Cubs visited the Monkeys Paradise, an adventure play ground. After this they collected wood for both the Camp fire and for cooking their tea on an open fire. After lunch they prepared themselves for a mass site water fight on our field. All leaders managed to make them selves scarce and kept dry some how! The remainder of the afternoon and early evening was taken up by woodland crafts, where the Cubs had the opportunity to have a go on a lathe and make various objects from wood. They also cooked their tea on an open fire. The rest of the evening they completed there quizzes and scavenge hunt. To close the evening we held a campfire, which Akela and Hathi ran.

Saturday arrived, yet another dry day but with a heavy dew. We had breakfast, and started to break camp, parents started to arrive at 9am, to assist in the tidying up. By midday the van was packed and the camp was clear, all that was left was the closing ceremony and the awarding of prizes to the winning six. The best six during the week was Qui Gon Jin. The camp was dismissed and all left in a happy mood, to return home to a good bath.



To all leaders, helpers, and parents who stayed for any part of the week. These people gave up their holiday without any reward from the Cub Pack itself apart from seeing the Cubs enjoying themselves.

Thanks also to those parents that were able to help on both Saturdays.


This site was chosen to keep the cost as low as possible to enable more cubs to attend, while we managed to get 19 Cubs to attend this was short of the expected number.

A very good site that would be an excellent site with improved toilet facilities. We will be recommending it to other Groups and will be returning to it in the near future.

Summer camp 2000

Yes this is already being planned.

It will be in Birmingham targeted for 12th – 19th August.

Price approximately £100 to £150.

Lets get 30 Cubs to this camp, after all it is the millennium!!



It was October 7th - 10th, on Watcombe campsite.

15 cubs including 3 girls, 3 Scouts, 1 Venture Scout, 2 Cub leaders, 3 helpers, 2 Instructors and the Group Scout Leader.

What a combination !

Aklea, Kitt and Chill, unloaded the kit from the van and started to erect the main camp tents.

The Cubs started to arrive at 5pm on the Friday night. They erected their tents. Why does it always take so long? By 9pm the tents were finally up, and we prepared for our night hike. This was about 4km, in the locaility of the camp site. As useal we managed to get lost, but all returned safe and well at 11pm. Hot soup french bread, and bed. Well that was the plan ! By about 4:30am the last ones finally fell asleep.

6am Saturday morning the first awoke, 7am the leaders rose and started breakfast. As is customeray a full breakfast was offered and accepted by all the Cubs. Once washed up and tidyed we started our days activities. Today the we split into groups, preparing for Sundays hike, a bit of orientering, set up and run by the Scouts, who after a few bugs ran an excellent base, the last being, both climbing and absieling. The evening meal was cooked by the Cubs on their own fires. Jacket potatoes and stir fry, with either baked apples or bannas. After this we had an excellent camp fire run by both Akela and Hathi, with many songs and stunts.

Sunday came, Cubs up at 7am, thats better. The cooked breakfast was eaten by the Cubs, who by now were a little more subdued. After breakfast they tidyed up thier kit, and prepared for the hike. We set off at 10am for what turned out to be a long hike, up and down some quite steep and slippery slopes. Hathi was not happy, funney that as elephants are supposed to be shore footed! We finally reached our half way point, and all had a well deserved ice cream. Several of the leaders requireing more than one to survive. The return trip was more entertaining with us finding our selves on the wrong beach. But that's part of learning, and the Cubs eventually corrected them selves, and we arrived back at site at 2pm. Lunch was quickly prepared and served in shifts so that the tents could be taken down. The camp was closed at 4pm with a Cubs own, where all the Cubs read their prayers that they had prepared. The van was packed and the kit returned to Head Quarters.

There ends another camp!

The last of the year ??

The leaders wish to thank the Scouts, Helpers, Instructors, and our GSL for their assitance over the weekend, and any parents that helped with the camp.