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Sep 21, 2019
The Beaver's Diary Dates have been updated with the latest Sep 2019 - Jan 2020 programme info.
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Cub Camps 2000


Cub Camps



Family camp

12th -14th May 2000

River Dart Country Park

Ashburton, Devon.

This is the fifth year this camp has been organised, by the Group Executive and leaders for the benefit of all those in the Group.

This year we put 150, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures, Helpers, Instructors, Leaders, Parents, Sisters, Brothers, and Grandparents under canvas.

The weekend was a social, fun weekend. All attendees were invited to join in the activities arranged. Those involved were divided into teams. Many different games, quizzes, and activities were arranged, for the teams.

Scouts at camp
Cubs at camp
Friday night saw the arrival, and camp setup.

The first events were completed and people retired for the night. As usual, for the first night at camp, sleep was limited. The Cubs talking until the early hours, and then the dawn chorus starting at 4:30am, and the early risers at 6:00am.

Sizzel trail, and lots of mud.
Saturday arrived, and the 'real' team activities started. Each team had a number of bases to complete.
Snow boarding. No snow!
Wet, Wet, Wet!
The day was a glorious one with lots of sun, so the water activities were well received.
Oops no water!

In the evening we had a camp fire, started with the usual spectacular flare, by some pyrotechnic Instructors. This camp fire was expertly run by an Invited camp fire leader from Sheffield. The evening was superbly rounded off with the help of an excellent folk band, which performed into the early hours.

A Misty start. Sunday came, and people were much slower to rise, today to a misty start, however the day soon became warm and sunny.
The big splash! The teams completed their bases and then went for the customary splash in the heated outdoor pool.
Ducks galor! This year we also held a duck race in the leat.

The camp started to pack away, and was closed in the customary way.

Another excellent camp!!

Flag down on an excellent camp. Parental feedback is most encouraging, with many offering their services to help at section nights and future activities.




Millennium Camp

The Scout Association set all Scout groups a challenge, to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium. This was to get 300,000 members under canvas on the night of the 27th May 2000.

Our Group the 6th Torbay (Britannia) decide to camp at the Caddihoe Scout site in Ashclyst Forrest, from 26th to 29th May 2000. Our aim was for the camp to be a back to basics weekend, with a lot of practical skills, and a lot of free fun time. We managed to put 72 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Helpers, and Leaders under canvas on the night of 27th May 2000.

Our advanced team packed the kit, and arrived at the site at 12pm on Friday. As it is now expected for a Bank holiday weekend, and a Caddihoe camp, the weather was poor, a day of very heavy showers. The mess tents were erected, and the merry campers arrived and put their tents up in the rain. Thankfully it stopped just as we set out for our night hike. This was a simple circular route of 4km lead by our Scout contingent. We arrived back at 11pm, all tired, to a welcome hot chocolate and hot dog, and retired for the night. All were asleep by 1pm, with little or no chat after this time.

The night passed with out incident apart from the occasional, no continual heavy rain. All awoke early as children do on the first morning. Breakfast was prepared and eaten, and we waited for the arrival of the Beavers who were to join us for the day. They were to join the Cubs doing various activity bases, pioneering, camp gadgets, map and compass, and a sisal trail, while the Scouts split into three teams, and went out on walks of various lengths. The evening was rounded off with a huge campfire. We joined Cubs from the 3rd Newton Abbot Group, who were in the field next to ours. This was an excellent event as it went on for 2 1/2 hours. The children again retired after a hot chocolate and pancakes.
The night passed without incident, apart from the continual heavy rain. We half expected to find the Cubs and Scouts floating on their beds scattered around the field. As it was they were still asleep, and it was just the leaders paddling in 50mm of mud. Again the Scouts and Cubs split, for the days activities. This morning the Scouts cooked (incinerated) their own breakfast. They then carried out first aid training, and the Cubs tracking, and building bivouacs, and a nice hike of 6km. We all arrived back to a welcomed warm meal. After which the Scouts prepared a fire, which we all sat around and toasted marshmallows, until the early hours.
Monday arrived, where did the time go? The sun was out, yes a strange yellow ball in the sky, setting the mud. After a full kit inspection all started to strike camp in a hurry as we did not know how long the good weather would last. The camp was closed with a Scouts own ceremony where the Sixers and PLs read out the prayers they had prepared. The camp was dismissed and all returned to Headquarters to unload the very wet kit.

Many thanks to all helpers, leaders and parents that gave their time freely during the weekend, and to all the Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts.



Roselands Camp


This is the second year we have been invited to this event. The Roselands school PSA invites us to provide helpers for the day of the summer fair. We take this opportunity to carry out some fund raising for ourselves as well as increasing the publics awareness of our Cub Pack, and Scouting general.

This year we had 13 Cubs camping.

This years camp was a good, raising a reasonable amount of funds, with the Cubs enjoying themselves and contributing to the community.

Cricket at 4:30am on Saturday morning was very entertaining, thank you Cubs!

Our Thanks goes to the PSA of Roselands Primary School for inviting us to yet another excellent event.