Welcome to 6th Torbay Beaver Scout Section
When you join the Beavers there are several things that you need to do in the first few weeks up to your investment. On this page you can have a look at a few of the things that you need to do - you can also download, or print, extra copies of the forms if you need them.
Scroll down the page to see all 6 documents that are listed here.
To view the documents or forms either click on the title link or on the picture:


Introduction to Beavers

This will gives you loads of information
about our Group, Beaver colonies,
 meeting times, activities and uniform.



Beavers Workbook

This will help you learn about Beavers
and needs to be completed before
you are invested as a Beaver.


Beavers Code of Conduct

Both adults and Beavers will be asked to
read and agree with our Code of Conduct
and disciplinary procedures.



Child Safety Letter

This letter outlines the arrangements for
dropping off, and collecting, your child
from Beavers activities.

Safe and Sound Leaflet

This is the Scout Association safeguarding
leaflet for parents - it explains the procedures
for keeping your child safe at Beavers.


Yellow Card

This is the Scout Association safeguarding
code of behaviour for all adults who will
working with the Beavers.