We have two cub packs, Invincible & Illustrious, named after aircraft carriers, in keeping with our navel ties.
Progression within the Cub pack is through a badge system. Cubs are encouraged to further their own interests by gaining activity badges.
During the summer, water activities are undertaken. All Cubs are expected to take part in these, under the supervision of our leaders.
Camping and other outdoor activities are also undertaken.Activities are not normally cancelled because of bad weather.
The leaders direct the children's training, and have great experience in dealing with youngsters under the unusual environments of camps and group life.
There is much enjoyment to be had from the activities we do. The Cubs often learn new skills without realizing it.
Many young people have forged lifetime friendships from the comradeship of scouting.
Finally, we hope your child will have many happy years with the group.
If you have any questions please ask any leader for advice.