Scouting is the largest youth movement in the world. If you (or your child) want to be a part of this, there are two ways in which people can get involved:

As a Young Person

The 6th Torbay (Britannia) Sea Scout Group is open to boys and girls aged from 6 to 18.

All of our sections have exciting and diverse programmes, taking in all of the best that Scouting has to offer - combined with the additional Water Activities and Royal Navy specific Activities which we are able to partake in as a result of our RN Recognised status.

Please bear in mind that the sections (particularly the Beavers,
Cubs and Scouts) have waiting lists.

Currently the Beaver Section waiting list is in excess of 3 years. Unfortunately only children born on, or after, 1st November 2016 will be added to the waiting list.

Information regarding other groups in the Torbay area can be
found at:

 If you wish to join our waiting list, please email us the following basic information:

                        1)   Child's Name
2)   Date of Birth
3)   Home Address
4)   Parents name
5)   Parent's contact number (preferably a mobile) and email address

The above information should be sent to:

As an Adult Volunteer

We are always on the lookout for willing volunteers!!! There are plenty of tasks - from helping in the background with administration, maintainance of our Headquarters and equipment, fundraising or becoming a helper or warranted leader with one of our sections.

You can see more information about about Adults in Scouting on the Scout Association Website here.

To contact us about Volunteering as an adult - please email us at: