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Sep 21, 2019
The Beaver's Diary Dates have been updated with the latest Sep 2019 - Jan 2020 programme info.
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RYA - Royal Yachting Association

Following the successful application to be a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Recognised Teaching Establishment, the Scouts and Explorer Sections are offering Dinghy Sailing Training in their summer programmes. This means that every night (weather permitting), training can be given to enable the participating Scouts and Explorers to work towards, and hopefully achieve a Dinghy Sailing Certificate.

These Certificates have international recognition both within Scouting and elsewhere, and counts towards other awards, badges, Duke of Edinburgh Award sections to name but a few.



Stage 1
A basic understanding of how a boat sailing, with some experience of steering and handling the boat

Stage 2
A range of sailing skills and knowledge to help in becoming a confident sailor

Stage 3
Rigging, launching and sailing in any direction. Equivalent to Level 2 in the National Sailing Scheme

Course content

Launching and recovery, steering, parts of the boat, basic sailing

Basic sailing skills, ropework, collision avoidance

Rigging, launching and recovery, sailing techniques, capsize recovery, sailing theory

Ability after course

Able to steer and understand basic principles

Able to tack and control boat speed, and understand basic principles

Able to launch and sail a dinghy around a triangle in moderate conditions

If your Scout is selected to participate in one of the RYA courses could you please make extra efforts to ensure that they attend for all the required sessions. It is a waste to have Scouts attend only half the sessions and then fail to get the certificates when other Scouts could have achieved them in their place.

Any Scouts who fail to complete RYA courses are unlikely to be offered any further courses during their time with Scouts and Explorers (this would include power boat training in the Explorers).