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Mar 1, 2018
Due to the weather conditions both the Beavers and Scout sessions have been cancelled
Jan 24, 2018
Green Cross Code has moved from 1st Feb to 15th March
Jan 4, 2018
The Beaver's Diary Dates have been updated with the latest Jan-May 2018 programme info.
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Scout Badge Information


This is where we will put Inormation on badge work and any forms needed to complete the current badges being done.


We are currently doing the Navigator Staged Activity Badge, World Challenge Award Badge and the Model Making Badge:

The troop has been split into three groups, each group will spend three weeks doing one of these badges, and then move onto the next for three weeks etc.


 Navigator Staged Activity Badge - Stage 2

How to earn your badge:

  1. Learn how to read a four-figure grid reference.
  2. Understand how to use the key of a map.
  3. Use a map during an outdoor activity.
  4. Draw a simple map to direct someone from your meeting place to a local point of interest.
  5. With other Scouts, go for a walk with a leader around the local area. Take it in turns to use one of these methods of navigation:
    • written instructions
    • recorded instructions
    • road signs
    • tracking signs
    • maps.
  6. Learn the eight points of a compass and use them in an activity.
  7. Show you know how to dress appropriately for the activities involved in this badge and what equipment you and the adults need on the activities.

World Challenge Award

How to earn your award:

  1. Choose an aspect of local community life and find out as much as you can about it. You could learn about:
    • local government,
    • local history,
    • different faiths and beliefs,
    • types of farming found locally
  2. Work with people or an organisation from a community. Take the chance to find an issue that your Troop could help with. It should be something that helps people and also helps you grow as a person. Plan and carry out the project with your Troop and others in the community. Then share what you learned from the activity with other people. Talk about how it helped other people and what you will do with the skills and experiences you have gained.
  3. Plan, take an active part in and evaluate a local community service. Doing the service should take you at least six hours (not including planning and evaluating).
  4. Take part in an activity which reflects upon and explores your own beliefs, attitudes and values (this may or may not include religious beliefs).
  5. Take part in an activity that explores different beliefs and attitudes. You could look at fashion, music, sport or disability.
  6. Give several examples of how you have kept your Scout Promise and Scout Laws.
  7. Take an active part in an environmental project.
  8. Investigate and try to make contact with Scouts in another country.
  9. Take part in an activity that explores an international issue.